Captain Marvel 2

Genres:Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery
Crew:Casting: Sarah Halley Finn | Characters: Stan Lee | Producer: Kevin Feige | Director of Photography: Sean Bobbitt | Costume Designer: Lindsay Pugh | Production Design: Cara Brower | Art Direction: Jami Primmer | Director: Nia DaCosta | Writer: Megan McDonnell | Executive Producer: Mary Livanos


The sequel to Captain Marvel (2019).

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Casting: <strong>Sarah Halley Finn</strong> | Characters: <strong>Stan Lee</strong> | Producer: <strong>Kevin Feige</strong> | Director of Photography: <strong>Sean Bobbitt</strong> | Costume Designer: <strong>Lindsay Pugh</strong> | Production Design: <strong>Cara Brower</strong> | Art Direction: <strong>Jami Primmer</strong> | Director: <strong>Nia DaCosta</strong> | Writer: <strong>Megan McDonnell</strong> | Executive Producer: <strong>Mary Livanos</strong> image